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Writing Reviews made easy!

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How do we make it easy?

The trick

We send you a TEXT message requesting feedback and the response becomes a review. It's that simple!

Real people - Real reviews

We don't allow users to create fake accounts and write fake reviews. We accept reviews as TEXT messages from only mobile phones. Therefore, all reviews are written by real people.

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Millions of people use TEXT messages as a way to communicate. We believe in providing value without requiring users to learn new technology.

How it works

Tim visits his favourite dentist to have his teeth whitened. After the completion of his whitening procedure, Tim is excited to share his new smile and experience with others. He receives a TEXT message from his dentist asking for his feedback, and Tim is happy to respond with his positive experience. It is that easy!

Featured customer

Perfect Smiles Dentistry Southwest Family Dental Clinic Woodin Creek Dental Burien Family Dental Care We Honey Do Madrona Venture Group

Revuly Team

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Raghu Gollamudi

Founder, CEO & developer

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- Be a good judge of the situation and be atriculate when required.

- This is an equity only position.

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Web developer.

- Nodejs, Mongodb & rest API.

- This is an equity only position.


Limited Beta

$ 0

  • - One month limited beta.
  • - Send unlimited review request TEXT messages.
  • - Receive unlimited review TEXT messages.
  • - Facebook page integration.

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